SafetyFirst Chevron Prismatic Reflective Decal Sticker Fits Pickup Truck Rear Tailgate (2008-2016 Ford F-250)

SafetyFirst Chevron Prismatic Reflective Decal Sticker Fits Pickup Truck Rear Tailgate (2008-2016 Ford F-250)

  • SafetyFirst™ Reflectives by CleanDecal® are custom measured and made to perfectly fit your model of pickup tailgate without cutting or trimming, offering you maximum protection and visibility by day and night.

  • Daytime Visibility is maximized and enhanced through the use of bright colors and patterns designed to disrupt the visual environment and dramatically enhance your visibility to other drivers.

  • Nighttime Visibility is maximized through the use of our special “Prismatic Reflectives” which are visible from up to 1,800 ft, rain or shine.

  • 5-Year 100% Product Replacement Warranty assures you that your SafetyFirst™ Reflectives will stay clean, bright and shiny for many years…….it’s guaranteed!

  • Easy to Install is the operative word. Included are detailed instructions and there is also a short video. Installation can be easily completed in 15-30 minutes.

SafetyFirst™ Reflectives by CleanDecal® were initially developed by us for use on large trucks in a variety of industries to enhance safety for the operators and their communities. We provide our reflectives to a number of truck factories as Original Equipment as well as to SWANA (Solid Waste Association of North America) for their nationwide “Slow Down To Get Around” campaign. The goal of our SafetyFirst™ Reflectives is to reduce accidents and save lives.

Our SafetyFirst™ reflectives are now available for the most popular models of pickup trucks and are delivered “ready to Install”. By utilizing visual recognition technology our tailgate chevrons are made with extremely bright colors to disrupt the environment and get noticed. By night is when our reflectives really shine. Visible from up to 1,800ft they reduce accidents by making your vehicle hard to miss. If you are a construction worker or tech who is on the road in early morning or evening hours, SafetyFirst™ Reflectives by CleanDecal® are a must have accessory.

Do you need a tailgate sized to different dimensions than the ones listed? Reach us by clicking here and tell us what you need.

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